Some people call me Brooklyn, others call me bkswaggerdaddy, and my family calls me Brookie. I'm an artist in Utah and am in love with everything folk. I have loved art ever since I was a little girl (I remember I especially liked colored pencils and hated crayons). After high school I was thinking about what I wanted to go to college for. English, math, sports... I pretty much suck at all of those. So I thought hey, I should probably specialize in the one thing I'm good at. So I went to school for art, and guess what? I hated it. I hated having to make art I didn't love or "put a cow somewhere in your drawing for this assignment." I felt like I was losing my love for art and therefore losing creativity.  

After taking a yearlong break from art I enrolled in a watercolor class at BYU. I really sucked at watercolor at first. I learned real quick that the paper, paints, and brushes you use are very important. Once I got the right materials (because I found out Hobby Lobby has a 40% off coupon) everything came full circle. I now work with watercolor, acryla gouache, gouache, and digital mediums.

When I'm not painting you can find me shopping my heart out. I especially love finding little treasures at thrift stores and antique stores. I can spend HOURS in them. I'm also a huge sucker for deals and often have to convince myself that just because something is on sale does not mean I have to buy it (when anthropologie has a 40% off sale coupon I usually cave).