*MISPRINT* Help Thou Mine Unbelief
*MISPRINT* Help Thou Mine Unbelief
*MISPRINT* Help Thou Mine Unbelief
*MISPRINT* Help Thou Mine Unbelief
*MISPRINT* Help Thou Mine Unbelief
*MISPRINT* Help Thou Mine Unbelief

*MISPRINT* Help Thou Mine Unbelief

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**PLEASE NOTE** All misprints are slightly flawed. Whether that's a small ink smudge, a slight color error, or a slightly smaller paper size. 

Lately, I have been afraid to pray. At times in my life I have been afraid to pray because I think God might be mad at me. But recently I have avoided prayer for different reasons altogether— 1. I am frustrated with the church. 2. I am afraid that He’s not there AT ALL. 3. If he is there he won’t listen to me. If I don’t pray then I can’t find that out. I can’t be let down.

But on the other hand—if I don’t pray and he IS there then I am probably missing out. Without prayer how will I have a relationship with him? Who will lead me? Guide me? Comfort me?

So today I prayed. And it was a different kind of prayer. My regular prayers are usually full of thank you’s and requests. But today I told him I was frustrated. I told him I was afraid for my faith. I told him I wanted to believe. And that was it.

It’s been a long time since I’ve prayed. So I didn’t expect an overwhelming fire in my heart. But I told God that if you’re there—here I am. I am trying. I am planting a seed. Help thou mine unbelief. 

This is a detailed print of my original "Help Thou Mine Unbelief" gouache painting. 




Giclee fine art prints on 100% cotton paper with a subtle watercolor texture.


Print will be wrapped in a clear cello sleeve and mailed in a rigid mailer. Please allow me 3-7 days to drop your order at the post office.


Colors may vary due to monitor settings.

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