*MISPRINT* He Hears me
*MISPRINT* He Hears me
*MISPRINT* He Hears me
*MISPRINT* He Hears me
*MISPRINT* He Hears me
*MISPRINT* He Hears me

*MISPRINT* He Hears me

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**PLEASE NOTE** All misprints are slightly flawed. Whether that's a small ink smudge, a slight color error, or a slightly smaller paper size. 

I tried to paint a picture of the Savior as someone who would do anything for you. At first I was going to paint him leading the entire flock out of the storm, but I remembered that for Christ it is always about the one. No storm too dark, no distance too far, Christ brings the lamb out of the dark and toward the light.

My favorite part is this imaginary story I added—Christ noticed a mother sheep crying for her missing lamb. So he searched for her lamb, and when he came back with it we see the mother sheep running to see them.

He knows me, and he calls me by name. He hears me even if I cannot hear him. He hears me even if do not pray. When we are lost he doesn’t say, “oh no… not you again.” He understands. He feels your aching heart. He will feel the storm with you and walk by your side. When the storm passes he will show you the stars.

This is a detailed print of my original "He Hears Me" gouache painting. 




Giclee fine art prints on 100% cotton paper with a subtle watercolor texture.


Print will be wrapped in a clear cello sleeve and mailed in a rigid mailer. Please allow me 3-7 days to drop your order at the post office.


Colors may vary due to monitor settings.

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