Awakened Spring Vol. X
Awakened Spring Vol. X
Awakened Spring Vol. X

Awakened Spring Vol. X

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About this painting:

There is a sadness that visits me each winter. The world is gray and I lose a little piece of myself when all the green is gone. My heart is tired and I feel half asleep.

But as much as I dislike winter, there is something so beautiful about it. And that is when it ends. It happens so slowly you almost don’t notice. Snow turns to rain. You spot bits of green in the gray landscape. The sun peaks behind the clouds and it warms your cheeks. It feels like taking a deep exhale.

This collection is called “Awakened Spring.” The time where rain is interrupted by a few dazzling minutes of sunlight, gray becomes green, and the earth awakens.

Mediums: Acrylagouache painting on textured cotton paper.

Sizing: Measures approximately 3x4 inches.

Shipping: Paintjng be wrapped in a clear cello sleeve and mailed in a rigid mailer. Please allow me 5-7 days to drop your order at the post office.


Colors may vary due to monitor settings.